Project Leadership

We lead client projects using certified project methodologies (Agile/Scrum, Waterfall) while leveraging storytelling as the key to engaged communication.

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We collaborate with you to deliver the products and experiences your customers value and purchase.

Our engagements focus on new IT products and features but our tool kit can be used to help you define, build, and deliver any product or service.

Past Projects

  • New Home page for a $3b food delivery web site
  • Special promotion "Product Builder" with back end configuration tool and customer ordering experience on web site
  • Beta version of a vacation rental distribution product
  • Integration with distribution partner's Extranet
  • BI requirements gathering for hotel sales and marketing data
  • Apple Pay implementation on web site
  • Data transfer from online ordering presence to in-store Point of Sale (POS) system
  • User journey documentation for Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for a healthcare insurance enterprise.

Our Toolkit

We collaborate with you to leverage project methodologies as tools to anticipate and meet the needs of your customers, teams, and stakeholders.


  • Focus on Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and time to market
  • "Fail Fast" - obtain customer feedback at regular iterations and adapt
  • Fosters collaboration through ceremonies - daily stand-up, sprint planning, sprint retrospectives, grooming


  • Focus on planning and approval before project execution
  • Limited ability to change requirements, with formal change requests, once development begins
  • Process may be required in regulated industries

We leverage storytelling to understand and identify customer needs, build and maintain effective teams, and engage stakeholders.


Customers tell you stories that reveal their wants, needs, and complaints which describe the user journey and customer experience. The data your customers generate contain stories you must diligently uncover. We use this information to create User Stories as well as User Story Mapping within Agile/Scrum.


Teams tell stories about the work they do, resources they require, and risks on the horizon. We listen, orient, and act on the information available through Agile ceremonies: Daily Stand-Up, Sprint Planning, Retrospectives, and grooming sessions. We also focus on the unique contributions each team member brings to the team.


Stakeholders tell you what they expect, sometimes less than a full story. We keep stakeholders engaged through compelling storytelling to ensure continued engagement and proactive communication.

Paul Conley PhD, CSM®, PMP®

Paul (he/him) brings three key strengths to your projects:


15+ years of delivering value-oriented solutions to customers ranging from global concerns to a 10 person start-up.


Team builder who unites through shared stories informed by business acumen, technical understanding and creative insights. Maintains a collaborative approach focused on real time delivery.


Active listener with strong verbal and written skills who makes complex information accessible to clients, senior executives, IT teams, and front-line staff.

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